(MC+R): Innovative Math, Software Coding, 3D-Printing and Robotics Program

In Partnership with software coders, aeronautical and mechanical engineering volunteers from Boeing and Amazon , we are co-designing a new science, technology and engineering program called, MathCode + Robotics, or MC+R for short.

MC+R is an innovative, future-foward learning module that we integrate into EACS' Afterschool programming at our Seattle and SeaTac Community Centers.

We also offer a Saturday MathCode+Robotics Express Session for youth that have demonstrated a strong interest and evolving competencies in STEM fields.

Sofware Coding

Youth scholars explore the basics of software coding using Python I/II and beginning and intermediate game development.


Cutting Edge 3D-Printing technology will be used to imagine solutions to problems in East African countries.


Youth scholars explore the world of robotics, working in teams collaboratively.

Support MC+R!

Please reach out to Abdigani Idan, STEM & Sports Director for youth enrollment information or to support MC+R.