Strong Girls, Powerful Leaders

With increased sexism, racism and xenophobia, there has never been a greater time to empower young, East African girls living in South Seattle.

Strong Girls, Powerful Leaders is a strategic component of EACS' youth mentorship and empowerment programming. It emerged from the real needs of girls themselves. Consequently, it is for girls, by girls and women mentors. Girls will meet monthly with mentors for discussion groups, one-on-one mentorship and group learning.

Self-Esteem & Confidence Building

To positively increase girls socio-emotional well-being (including mental health) and social confidence, Strong Girls, Powerful Leaders works to counter anti-woman, racist, and xenophobic elements of culture. Ultimately, we aim to empower our girls to achieve their dreams.

Relationship-building, Mentorship and Community

Healthy, supported, empowered and mentored girls become formidable and accomplished women. Strong Girls, Powerful Leaders works at the intersection of gender, equity, racial justice, mental health, and positive psychology.

Support Strong Girls, Powerful Leaders

We are actively looking for East African women volunteers. To volunteer or for more information about Strong Girls, Powerful Leaders, please contact: Rahma Rashid, Strong Girls Powerful Leaders Program Manager at (206) 721-1119. Ext. 110 or via