(PLTI) Parent Leadership Training Institute

East African Community Services' PLTI exists to civically activate East African communities to harness their collective cultural, economic and political power to affect an equity and justice agenda.

The PLTI primary work is to cultivate informed, civically educated & engaged East African Parents to better advocate for their families. Therefore, EACS requires the parents of youth enrolled in our programs to attend the PLTI.

Navigating Pacific Northwest & U.S. Education Policy

The PLTI works to connect parental civic engagement with the reduction of the school-to-prison pipeline and greater local resources for people of color communities.

Building Stronger Community

Civically active East Africans explicitly effect the political conditions in Seattle and the Pacific Northwest. The PLTI strategically works within the limits of laws governing 501c3 political activism for a greater East African representation on school boards and in elected office.

Civic Education

Our non-partisan political education efforts are the greatest way to effect an equity and racial justice agenda; an agenda that benefits all Washingtonians.