The Future Is Made By Strong, Empowered Families.

Thank you for visiting East African Community Services online. Below, find more information about the philosophies that govern our vital work and the action steps organizationally mandated to keep us in harmony with our values.

Our Mission

Inspire East African immigrant and refugee families to achieve cradle to career success.

Our Vision

A transformed and thriving generation.

Our Values

Strong Youth & Families.
Respect, Equity, and Empathy.

Actions that help us to live out EACS’ Core Values:

  1. Nurturing the whole-life development of East African youth from cradle to career.
  2. Unapologetically embracing a growth mindset that centers the strengths of our community.
  3. Intentionally creating space for all individuals to grow.
  4. Demanding respect for diverse cultural perspectives.
  5. Maintaining an open door policy that defers to community needs as they arise.